Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentine's Delight Numero 2

So Valentine's Cake number two was a bit of an experiment. And one which turned out very very well.

I love, no wait, adore white chocolate. MUCH better than the other stuff in my opinion. So when I saw recipes online for white chocolate mud cake, I decided a cupcake version was required.

However I usually find mud cakes a little hard going so I decided that a filling was needed to lighten things up a bit. I tried a few with whole strawberries in the middle, but the eventual winner was strawberry jam. YUM.

Sorry about the crap picture - all I had to hand was my iPhone!

These turned out EXACTLY how I hoped - dense and fluffy at the same time, with that lovely pocket of starwberry gooyness! The white chocolate is subtle in the sponge, so I decided I may as well overdose on the stuff and made a white chocolate ganache to put on top.

I'll confess - I had planned to chill and whip the ganache and pipe pretty patterns on top. But warm, meltey, chocolatey ganache was far too good to resist, so I poured the stuff straight on, mainly so I could lick the bowl. Ashamed? Not a bit!!!

When cooled, the ganache was just the right softness to be slightly gooey and sticky, but lovely and velvety too. Each cake was topped with a caramel filled, chocolate heart. (They didn't last long either...)

I don't usually eat too much of my own baking because if I did, I'd be the size of a hippo. But with these, I couldn't resist. They kept calling my name...

"Colene, eat me...EAT ME!!!"

So, all in all, the White Chocolate and Strawberry mudcakes were a success. I'm making more tonight actually, but with a Nutella centre for my friend who doesn't like berries (weeeeiiiirrrdddd), and I'm going to try to wait a little longer on the ganache front.
Oh and I'll try not to eat them all...


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  1. Hey Colene, I'm a friend of Amy & Lou's, they were telling me about your blog last night, love it! I've just started one myself as I've just been made redundant from my graphic design job, trying to start up on my own as a freelancer with a sideline in wedding stationery and cards so thought a blog would be a good start to get my name out there, at least until I get my website sorted out.

    Anyway, I'm a total no-mates over on my blog so would love it if you would follow me and vice versa!?! Into baking cupcakes myself (although yours look much more yummier) so your posts are right up my street! x