Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Good Things Come in Small Packages...

Ok so the question I get most from people is 'how do you make those cute little mini-cakes?'.

The cakes in question are Cake Bites - look to the right of this page and you'll see some red velvet ones I made a while back.

The Queen of all things Cake Bites is the fantabulous Bakerella - she created Cake Bites, and Cake Pops (Oh yeah, you can pop them on sticks - cuuuuuuute)

So I thought I'd post a quick guide on how to make these.

First things first, you do need some special equipment for these. Unless you decide to go for the Cake pops, you will need a chocolate tray. You can pick these up in specialty stores or on the internet.

Secondly, if you want to make funky coloured cakes, you'll need Candy Melts. These are small coloured chocolate buttons. They are delish! Again, you can get these on the internet, along with flavouring oils (peppermint chocolate anyone??)

So first things first make a cake. Any cake. Your favourite cake. Pretty much any cake will work with this, although my fave is my favourite chocolate cake. As long as you like it as a big cake, you'll love it as a cake bite.

Let the cake cool, and then wreck it. Seriously. This bit is good fun - crumble the cake into teeny crumbs. It feels wrong, but believe me it's worth it.

Next stir in some cream cheese frosting. I've also tried shop bought tubs of icing, and though a little sugary for me, it works well too. How much you use will depend on how big your cake was, but it should blend into a sticky dough.

Once you're sure you've got a mouldable consistency, do just that - mould it. For cake bites, take some of your mixture and roll it into a 1in ball. I advise wearing gloves, or being prepared to wash you hands a lot between each ball (ruuuuuuude). I also use a melon baller to scoop up mixture so I end up with equal sized balls (ruuuuuuuder!)

Next, melt some of your favourite chocolate. I know there are a lot of high percentage cocoa lovers out there, but I'm a Cadbury's girl through and through. Take your chocolate tray, and spoon a teaspoon and a half of chocolate into each dip. Each hollow should be around half filled with chocolate, but no more, as when you place the cake ball in, the chocolate will rise up around it.

Place all of the balls into the chocolate, and put the tray into the fridge to allow them to set.

Once they're set, pop them out and keep them on a cool plate.

Melt some candy melts in a dish that is deep enough to dip the uncovered portion of the cake in. Also it makes sense to get any toppings you want to use ready at this point.

Hold your cake bite by the chocolate end, and dip it into the cake bite so that all of the cake is covered. If there are any uncovered patches, tidy them up with a cocktail stick. I always flick my wrist as I take them out to get a neat top.

Then you can sprinkle, dip, or decorate your cake bites however you like! These make great presents, and taste awesome.

You can also get VERY creative with them, as you can see....

Come back later this week, for a Christmas spin on cake bites...




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