Thursday, 3 December 2009

Things I Like Thursday December 3

YAY! It's December and I am feeling very festive!!!

*I put up our tree at the weekend - yes I know that's quite early but I'd wrapped presents, and they had nowhere to go!!!

Mika and Coco have been intrigued by the tree since.

Mika likes to unwrap presents very carefully by grabbing the ribbon with his teeth and tugging.

Coco likes our glittery star decorations.

*This dress in Warehouse. I saw it last weekend and now I MUST own it!

*NEW MOON!!! I finally saw it this week with my friend Jennifer, and I certainly wasn't disappointed!!! I'm definitely leaning into Team Jacob now - seriously, who wouldn't after that film?!?!? It's just under 7 months till Eclipse comes out - can I pre-book my tickets please???

*Speaking of going to the cinema, Jennifer and I slightly underjudged our time. We planned to go for tea before going to the cinema, but left ourselves with just 30 mins after looking shoe shops. Oops. This time was cut to 10 minutes of eating time once the food arrived. Let me tell you, I have a whole new level of admiration for Jennifer after eating a HALF CHICKEN in 10 minutes! That was impressive!!!

*Watching boxing with the Kiwi and hearing the commentator use the word 'Stoosh' when someone got knocked out!!!!

*When the Kiwi gives me Love Hearts when he knows I'm worrying about stuff

*Watching TV with the pyusses - we got our larger sofa so we'd have more room. But no, Mika can still use ALL of the cushions and take up MOST of the sofa. But you can't get angry with that furry little face can you?

*Christmas night out anticipation!!! I have a girls night out tomorrow (YAY!), and then my work night out next Friday which will be a hoot!!!

* The Kiwi being a dafty in general - including him speaking to Mika in Goldmember quotes - It'sh a keeper!!!!

*Writing out Christmas cards - I'm a total stationary geek!

* This video. I swear I nearly wet myself when I first watched it. I think I need to get one for Coco, as she's a bit of a podger...

I hope you're week is fantabulous!!!



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