Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Things I Like Thursday 5/11/09

Sorry I've been a bit quieter this week. I've been in a sugar coma because these are baaaaaaack....

-Every November sees me and my friend Fiona obsessively stalking Starbucks displays for the first hints of the Red Cups. I could live on Gingerbread Lattes. They're my personal source of yummy, spicy central heating until February. (Thankfully I've found that His Majesty's Theatre and Books and Beans also do them all year round. Phew.)

-Mika's futile attempts EVERY morning to try and get me to stay at home with him instead of going and making Go-Kat money. I wish I could animate this (duh how about a video??) to show you just how much he rolls about looking adorable and making little whiny noises.

-Our new sofa! Which the cats promptly took over - don't they look comfy? How is it that two small balls of fluff can take up so much room?? Anyone who's ever tried to share a bed with a cat will know what I mean.

-Getting VERY exciting e-mails about projects I thought had passed by
-Having our heating fixed - it's so nice to wake up and not feel like I'm living in an ice cube tray. Now it feels much more like I'm living in a Pain au Chocolat. Droooooool.

-Rubbing your eyes at the end of the day and not worrying about make up smudge-age. Seriously it's bordering on orgasmic. See also cleaning your ears with a cotton wool bud.
-Interviewing inspirational people. This week I spoke to Jack Webster, a well known journalist and broadcaster who has just had his first play produced aged 78. What a legend.
-Hearing that my good friend and ex-colleague has just finished his first ever commission. He set up his own boat building and repair business last year and seeing his first product hit the waves is a very proud moment.
-Laughing when the Kiwi told me he's attempting Movember again. Seriously, he's still a bit baby faced (which I don't mind), so usually a month's growth equals some suspicious fluff everywhere on his face BUT his upper lip.

-Also hearing the Kiwi try to incorporate Doric (Scottish dialect) into his everyday language. So unnatural and funny. Bless his size 12 cotton socks.

-Watching Coco's Yoda face. Seriously she loves it, and purrs and head butts till you do it again. I told you she was weird.
-Finalising trip plans - very much looking forward to sampling the wares of Chez Roux and Abstract in Inverness.
On a sad note, I was meant to be attending a cooking class this weekend at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine but my trip has been cancelled. They do a three day cooking course on baking!I was meant to be attending a class on panic-free seasonal entertaining, but the PR girl booking it e-mailed me to say the accommodation had fallen through. Bummer. :(
Hope you're all having an awesome Thursday!


  1. Haha i absolutely love to read ur post each time im on facebook!! They are sooo cute and I can just imagine you saying it in my head! haha Hun Id be glad ur in Scotland with only 1 kiwi...everyone over here is doing movember (well the guys anyway) and u cant seen to meet a guy without this piddly little sprout of hair just popping through under their nose! Its quite entertaining and funny watching all the guys try...cum the 28th tho I will be ready to take a shaver to them all in their sleep!!! Love xxx its
    P.S. Anna ur female kiwi by the way this fing isnt letting me write my name!

  2. Thanks Hun!

    Yeah he's started the mo - all he needs is a medallion and he's halfway to getting the 70s porn star look!

    Miss you