Monday, 2 November 2009

Slimy yet satisfying

Thankfully none of my Halloween cupcakes were slimy, but any excuse for a Lion King quote.

I had WAY TOO MANY ideas for Halloween and I really had to behave myself to just knock out four designs. I had an order for Coco Violet this weekend, as it was their 2nd anniversary and also they had an amazing Halloween event, complete with live mannequins in the window - oooh spooky! Thankfully they weren't there when I dropped off my cakes, as that kind of thing FREAKS me out! Blood and guts? Fine. People jumping out at me? No way, Jose.

Anyhoo, I had 24 cakes baked (12 Gingerbread, 12 Coco's Chocolate Temptations) and had the most fun decorating them. No ganache spiderwebs here, oh no.

First up - Spindly Spiders

These chocolate arachnids are de-lish! Double chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate vermicelli and liquorice legs! (Ok so technically these only have 6 legs. And chocolate drop fangs. But it makes them slightly less scary!)

Girly Ghouls -

Ok so these were actually the friendliest ghosts I've ever seen (second to Casper maybe - wow I totally fancied the boy he turned into when I was little...) They are gingerbread cakes with white chocolate buttercream frosting, and little girly bows. Unfortunately I used slightly too much icing for details on another two, and they ended up looking like girly Scream masks. Yikes.

Batty Chocolate Orange -

Anyone remember Ferngully? I just got the 'Batty' rap in my head! Hee hee! These swirly cakes are double chocolate with chocolate orange buttercream frosting, adorned with pumpkins and bats. I've never ever carved a pumpkin for Halloween, it was always a 'neep lantern' in my day (a turnip lantern) What a country bumpkin!

Finally - Dem Bones

Yay! I finally got to use my grass icing tip! These gingerbread cakes have white chocolate grass topping, and lonesome little fondant tombstone, and a chocolate skeleton!I'm sooooo happy with how these turned out!
The skeletons don't look creepy at all! And anything that de-creepifies Halloween is good with me!

I wasn't out for Halloween this year - instead I hummed and ho-ed for a while over which movie to watch (Hocus Pocus? Beetlejuice?) and so the Kiwi and I plumped for The Witches - and it's still just as terrifying as I remembered! Watch out for ladies with square toed shoes...


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