Thursday, 26 November 2009

Things I Like Thursday 26th November 2009

Woops! A little bit late this week! It's been a busy one!

-Let's start with a big one shall we - SCOTLAND BEAT AUSTRALIA!!!! Yay! It was the best rugby game I have ever been too - the atmosphere was electric! My heart was in my throat for the last ten minutes of the game, and it certainly felt good walking out of Murrayfield on a high! Oh yeah, and we were on TV! I've had so many people text/message me asking 'were you wearing earmuffs at the rugby?', yeah that was me! (It was cold!!!)

-'Picky' teatimes - You know when you don't want a full on sit down meal? I love grazing on lots of things and tonight was one of those nights. Crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar? Check! Capers? Check! Olives? Check! Seafood sticks? CHECK!!!

-Ordering new cupcake goodies - I cannot wait to get my hands on Gingerbread Man sprinkles, Candy Cane sprinkles and new delivery boxes!!

-Planning on wearing Ruby slippers when I get married (I watched my special edition of the Wizard of Oz again last night - loooooooooove)

-These Chanel inspired bow shoes on (Mind you, my Peep Under My Quilts take a lot of beating)

-Anna Wintour - I finally saw The September Issue this week and she's not nearly as scary as I expected her to be. That lady knows her stuff.

-The phrase 'What's good for you won't pass you by' - here's hoping!

-My mum's friend telling me that love feels like someone 'putting hairy worms down your back' - gross but cute!

-Writing lists. I'm a Pisces but I certainly have some Virgo qualities, listing being one. Ooooh I want a laminater

-Spending time with my mum and dad - ah...that's where I get it from.

-The fact that the Kiwi has started calling himself HighTower.

-Hearing that a friend tried to blow out a candle while brushing his teeth. Priceless.

- This video. Purely for Beekers parts. Love it.

< -The Aristocats - If I was a cat, I'd want to look like Duchess

- When we went shopping this week I started putting away our bags. When I picked up the last, it was heavy so I assumed I'd left the milk in it. But no. I looked inside, and I certainly don't remember buying this -

There is something weird going on with my blog so if things don't look quite right, that explains why!




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