Thursday, 19 November 2009

Things I Love Thursday 19th November 2009

I've been happy about a lot of things this week - mainly because I'm on HOLIDAY! Woohoo!!!

-Ogling this red KitchenAid in John Lewis - anyone got £389 spare?

-Fresh crusty loaf. If you get close enough to the screen I'm sure you could smell how good this is. We used it to mop up creamy garlic sauce we had with mussels yuuuuummmmmm.
-Long lie ins
-Cosy winter jumpers

-Landmark! I haven't been since I was little, so the Kiwi and I were stoked to stop in by on our way back from Inverness. Unfortunately a lot of the attractions were closed as we're into winter, so we settled for the Treetop Walk and went squirrel hunting.

Eventually we came across three and they were AWESOME. I want a squirrel tail - it would be like having a massive fleecy blanket with you all the time.

-THIS poster at the cinema! Exciting! The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favourite films, and I can tell already that I'll be crapping myself when the Wicked Witch flies past Dorothy's window cackling during the tornado! (Interesting fact - Jack Haley wasn't meant to play the Tin Man -Buddy Ebsen, who was originally set to play the Tin Man, had a near-fatal reaction from inhaling the aluminum dust in the silver powder they used on his face. They chose a silver paste/paint after that, but the Ebsen was too ill to go back to work, and so Jack Haley was brought in.)
-Making Maltesers Traybake - thank you Debbie and Andy for introducing me to this ridiculously easy and tasty recipe. My love handles thank you even more for it.

- Finally - the cats are LOVING having us home at the mo, and they're completely acting up. So much so that they're knackered and at the moment Mika is lying across my legs upsides down dreaming of catching meeses, with Coco lying under him snoring her head off (seriously this cat has nasal issues).

So here are my pyusses in some of their finest moments -

Although these two were neutered at a young age and have been the only cats in the house their entire lives, they still have maternal and paternal instincts. Hence the Kitten game. Our two would be very protective of any little un's they had. Check out Mika's eye smooch at the end.

Like children, our cats have lots of toys. And also like their human counterparts, it is the simplest toys that keep them happy. Coco's world revolves around her string. This length of elastic came attached to a pair of shoes I bought and she has been inseparable from it for the last year. She fetches it and if she drops it at your feet you MUST play with it. If not, she will paw at you and moan at you until you do. Even in bed, at 7am. Check out that left hook at the end.

I'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow for our yearly rugby trip! Yay! We always go for a whole weekend and make an event out of it! Bring on the Ginger Grouses! If you're watching on TV and see two women storming the pitch and chasing the players, that'll be me and my mum!!!


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