Thursday, 12 November 2009

Things I Like Thursday November 12 2009

WHAAAT?! A whole week has whizzed past again? How does this happen!?!?

Oh well, here goes all the things that have put a big daft grin on my face this week -

-Reuniting with old school friends over cupcakes (Hi Natalie!)

-Google's awesome homage to the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. This blog is brought to you by the number 4 and the letter C! And I don't think it's a coincidence that I have the same initials as the Cookie Monster...

-3D - It's rocking my socks at the moment. We went to see A Christmas Carol on Friday and it was AWESOME! It felt like standing in the middle of a snowy street! If I had stuck my tongue out I swear a snowflake would have melted on it! Plus I'm very excited about this.

-The Kiwi cooking me Chicken and Mushroom Risotto this week when I was feeling rotten. His usual culinary quests are limited to something on toast, so this was a big deal. He also gives awesome bear hugs.

-Researching egg-free cake recipes for my friend's boyfriend who is allergic to them (eggs not cakes. God how awful would that be?!?!). It's all coming together Lindsey, a blog is brewing...

-Receiving amazing pics of the Galapagos Islands from the Kiwi's Granny - she's 76 and has a yearly trip from New Zealand to some of the most amazing locations! Last year she went hot air ballooning in Kenya!

-Organising trips to see New Moon (eeeeh so exciting). Made even better by going with friends who have no idea how amazing they are.

-In a similar vein (sorry), how amazing is True Blood? I spent an evening catching up on episodes and now I'm hooked! Especially love how Bill calls Sookie, Sucki, in his Southern drawl!

-Planning for a Come Dine With Me style night with my friends! Yay! We need a bitchy commentator though...

-The Kiwi's new Fush and Chups Friday rule (Kiwi's don't have fish, they have fush)

-The start of the Autumn Tests!!! Mainly because it means Sean Lamont and Chris Cusiter are in the papers more often! We're making our yearly pilgrimage to Edinburgh next weekend to watch Scotland v Australia which I am SO looking forward to! Nothing better than gulping a Ginger Grouse, watching ridiculously hot men play rugby while laughing at my mum screaming maniacally at the opposition!

-Having the ingredients for a Ginger Grouse sent to me at work! Boost!

-Long distance phone calls to New Zealand. So nice to hear from family and friends, and it still makes me giggle that while I'm sitting in my PJ's getting read for bed, they are getting ready for work! The 13 hour time difference is weird!

-Making your own pizza! We do this every now and again because a) we love pizza, and b) I like weird toppings. While the Kiwi layers up ham and cheese and BBQ sauce, I am delicately placing my capers, anchovies and olives on mine! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!! (Pizza is quite often Saturday morning snack in our house too!)

-But most of all....HOLIDAYS!!! YAY! The Kiwi and I are off as of 5pm tomorrow! We're off to Inverness on Saturday for two nights to review a hotel and a couple of restaurants (nom nom nom), and visit the Highland Wildlife Centre. Then next week will be chill out week before Edinburgh next Friday! (Don't worry, the Tonks are being looked after by their favourite visitor, my great aunt who lives next door.)

Hope you're all having a fab week! What's making you smile?



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