Thursday, 29 October 2009

Baby Cakes, I Love You So...

My friend Donna became an auntie for the fourth time this week when her brother Richard and sister-in-law Sonia had their second boy - Roan (gorgeous name!)

Donna wanted to get them something special that they could share with their two-year old, Arran, so cakes were the order of the day.

I wanted a mix of flavours for kiddiewinkles and adults so baked a mix of Coco's Chocolate Temptations, and Gingerbread Lattes.

Cupcakes aren't very boy-ish so I did my best with some baby blue swirled icing (I couldn't help myself with the flowers though!!!)

I also decided to have a little play around with some fondant, and made a pair of baby booties, complete with blue laces (my fondant skills need some serious practice!)

I hope Roan grows up to have a sweet tooth, and that Richard, Sonia and Arran enjoy having their latest addition home!


P.S. - Roan, you've got a seriously cool auntie and uncle!

P.P.S - I got carried away with the fondant - check back soon for Halloween cakes galore! (From now on I'll look at this pic and pretend Robert Pattinson bit me!)

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