Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sugar-Coated Whiskers - the business?

I've been getting a lot of queries as to whether Sugar-Coated Whiskers is a shop or business.

Unfortunately at the moment it is neither! I have been baking for a number of years for friends, family and the Kiwi (anyone know how to fill one? My one is always hungry!).

I started the website as a diary of my cupcake adventures, as a record to remind me of what I've done and to inspire me to always bake more.

I do accept baking orders, but at the moment I can't take huge orders (my most common request is for 12, or 24 though I do much bigger ones too), because there's only me baking the goodness into these cakes, and unfortunately I wouldn't have the space to store hundreds of cakes, and delivering cakes in less than perfect condition is not cool with me! Baking is fun for me, and I'm not quite ready for Coco's Kitchen to expand into an all consuming task just yet! Obviously each order is judged on a case by case basis, so if you have any special requests, just ask! (I don't bite, much)

To me, cupcakes are little happiness sponges - they immediately put smiles on faces. I want it to stay that way so in the meantime I will continue to do small to medium orders for friends, family and special orders. If you are interested, please e-mail -I'm always open to ideas and suggestions!

At the moment, I don't have any plans to create a business - I love my job as a journalist, and don't have the maths skills to count up pennies (ask my bank manager). However it is something I'd like to do one day, so this is all practice in the long run.

Sugar-Coated Whiskers, the site, will continue to be updated on all things cupcake, cats and general chat though, so please keep reading!


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