Monday, 19 October 2009

The Pyusses

I wish I could live my dream of opening a cupcake shop, but until then I have to find other ways of keeping the pennies coming in. After all, I have two dependants.

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to my two trusty sidekicks - Coco and Mika.

Mika and Coco are brother and sister Tonkinese cats. They are twelve years-old, and pretty much the most awesome thing to grace this planet.

I am very very very lucky to have these two scallywags. They took over my life (and flat) last August. I have ALWAYS had cats. My parents even got a kitten before they got me. So moving to Aberdeen for uni, and living in student halls and flats with no opportunity to have pyusses around the place was rubbish. In 2007, the Kiwi and I got our own place, but initially seeing it as a short term place to keep our stuff, never even thought about getting some dependants.

Until last summer. An elderly lady my mum had been arranging care for was taken into hospital. She lived in sheltered housing with her two gorgeous moggies. When she went into hospital, Coco and Mika continued living in her flat, being fed and bosied by the staff at the complex and by their auntie (who has a dog, who DID NOT visit). Sadly, last summer Coco and Mika's original owner passed away. The staff could no longer keep the two cats, and their auntie's dog wouldn't have been too chuffed at having two new feline companions. And so my mum mentioned the situation to me. At first I was just 'going to visit'. Pah. Right.

Within a week, I was making the seemingly never ending journey from Portsoy, Moray to Aberdeen, with two pyusses howling and mewting the entire way.

After an hour in my flat, they had taken over. Now it seems like they have always been here.

These are no ordinary cats. Anyone who has had Tonkinese cats will identify with this.

Firstly, meet Mika.

He is very much a mummy's boy. His pedigree name is Mad Mika, and he certainly lives up to this. Whenever he leaves his litter tray, he wanders into the lounge, eyes darting wildly and tail straight up in the air. For the following 10 minutes he does his best Usain Bolt impression, bounding from room to room and across ANY surface like someone had set his behind alight. He is extremely intelligent - he has figured out even the most complex cat toys in minutes (usually after we've spent most of a day putting them together.)

He is the soppiest, cuddliest cat too. Most nights you'll find him stretched out to his full length on his dad's chest, purring louder than any car engine I've heard. The shapes he gets himself into as he sleeps boggle my mind, and leave me whishing I was that flexible. He's also extremely vocal. I've had some fantastically in-depth conversations with Mika, and have also had to get up at 3am to go through and give him a cuddle just to get him to stop crying.

Oh and I nearly forgot. He's a little eccentric. He has a beard. Yes, honestly.

He looooooves shoes. High heels are his favourite ( he has good taste), but a good pair of flipflops will keep him busy for a good hour. And he's currently going through a bit of an identity crisis. I sneeze a lot, and Mika has decided that each time I sneeze, he must magically transform into a lamb. Don't believe me? Check out the video below. He's adorable.

Usually wherever you find Mika, you'll find his, ahem, voluptuous sister, Coco.

I've lost count of the number of, gasp!, non-cat lovers, who have been 'cured' by Coco. No-one can resist this girl.

At first Coco may seem slightly unhinged. She LOVES to speak. Not in the same way that Mika does. No, my girl likes to grumble and moan. Imagine Marge Simpson's worrying noise coming out of her little furry mouth and you've just about got it. Coco is impatient. If you don't reply to her grumbles and purrs, she will sit on her back legs, hit you with her paw and miaow at you until you do. After all, why wouldn't you want to talk to her? From the enthusiasm on her face, you can tell she's relaying the greatest story on earth.

From here she only gets weirder/more adorable. Don't ask me how we discovered this, but Coco likes to be spanked. Yes, you read right. Spanked. Every day we have to go through a ritual with this crazy old gal. She wonders through to the lounge, miaowing like a maniac, until you firmly pat her just in front of her tail. The purring starts, she arches her back and her legs go bouncy. She loves it. She then wanders off, walks under the table, and headbutts it on her way back to you. I told you she was weird, didn't I?

But Coco is the most affectionate big ball of chocolate fluff I've ever met. She may be built like a rugby player (this cat has no neck), but she becomes a trembling, purring teddy as soon as you pick her up. She loves, no, adores her Dad. She waits for him to come home, follows him everywhere, and at the end of the night, after sitting as close as possible to the fire without going up in a plume of smoke, she jumps up on his lap, and nuzzles under his arm and snores her little heart out.

I couldn't live without my cats. I quite happily look forward to the day I'm classed as a crazy-old-cat-lady. Until then, I'm happy to wake up each morning, pinned to the bed with two snoring sets of whiskers, lying either side of me.

Do you have any pets? What are their weird and wonderful character traits?


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