Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Things I Like Thursday - 29/10/09

* Interviewing Status Quo - they are hilarious, and every time I interview them they make me laugh a bit harder.

* Having my appraisal at work and discovering I'm going to be doing some design work - yay! Time to put that degree to use!

* Having one of my best friends visit from Lewis, a tiny Scottish island she has moved to with her fiance. Exciting conversations 1) the fact that this former dog owner is now a cat person who could barely take her attention away from Coco, and has now got her own bundle of whiskers and 2) wedding plans! Nicola is getting married in 2011 and I'm one of three bridesmaids. I'm a bit of a wedding fanatic so this means lots of fun research for me (and lots of earbashings for the poor Kiwi) As you can see, she's going to make an interesting bride!

* My new cake stand - it's so girly it should be pooping unicorns. (Excuse my messy desk at work in the background)

* Getting everything ready to renew the Kiwi's visa...(please cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you can for us!)

* My friend Andy refusing to spank Coco as he didn't want to "w*nk off the cat" - haha! Coco was not amused and proceeded to wiggle her rear end under his hand and gaze lovingly at him until he gave in.

* How gorgeous Ivanka Trump looked on her wedding day

* Having fajitas with friends (favourite past time)

* Talking about exciting trips to luxury hotels with my mum, who also managed to come up with plans to see We Will Rock You, have a few drinks, and also somehow convince the Scottish Rugby squad to let us party with them. Droooooool.

*Absolutely losing it in McDonalds with mum - why can't we ever remember what made us start laughing?!?!

* Disney's UP in 3D - We queued (at 10.30am on a Sunday. To see a Disney film. In the freezing cold. Nuts? Me?) and it was well worth it. I wasn't that hyped about it as I had no idea about the story, but it's the sweetest adventure and makes you appreciate what you have in life. I did NOT appreciate the Kiwi laughing at me crying during the film (I AM A SOP)

* This outfit from Topshop -

* New found evidence which proves that men prefer normal sized woman to size zero models. I could have told them that! (I have no problem with girls who are naturally slender, it's the ones who starve themselves because they think it will make them more attractive that make me sad. Embrace your curves!)

* My dad's remedy to his full-on stonking cold - A hot curry, some rum and a whole lot of Belgian beer. Guaranteed to clear your sinuses (and most likely your bowels too)

* Planning trips to Inverness with the Kiwi and my adventurous buddy Naomi!

* And this picture - I can't even remember who sent it to me. But I love it.

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