Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Good things come in threes...

This week I have finally taken ownership of three new items I have pined after for some time.

Item number 1 - The Handbag

I mentioned yesterday that I got an exciting delivery from

Mika certainly thought it was interesting - this is moments after he jumped out of the box (hence the shy and embarrassed look on his face)

VOILA!!! My beautiful new handbag!!!

I've been searching for a new handbag for a couple of months now and couldn't find anything to replace my trusty black 2005 Oasis one. I wanted something big enough to fit all my crap in, but which still looked classy, and could be carried over my shoulder or forearm.

And my, haven't done a good job? This Marc B bag ticks all the boxes - chain handle? Check. Lots of pockets? Check. Leopard Print lining? Checkeroo!!!

In other words I'm in love. (And it was half price! Woohoo!)

Item number 2 - The Cupcake Caddy

I may have just declared my love for my handbag, but already I've committed adultery. How AWESOME is this???? I've wanted one of these for a long time, after trying (unsuccessfuly) to win one on But finally Lakeland got some back in stock and I'm now the very proud owner of the latest model in cupcake transport. Hmmm maybe a road test is in order...

Item number 3 - New Shooooooooooooooooooes

Does anything make a girl happier??? I've been trying to find the perfect pair of shoe boots for while now, but found them all too velvety, too plain, too low etc. I swore to myself I'd never buy another pair of feet-wreckers from New Look a long time ago...but sometimes you have to break your own rules.

Look at them! They're so pretty!!! The patent is perfect for Scottish weather, the brogue stitching detail makes them smart enough for work, they tie up and so stay on my feet, and they have a peep toe!!! Admittedly a peep toe isn't ideal for me (what with having no big toenails), but hey, I can deal with them, so should everyone else!!!

Have you got any new goodies this week?


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