Tuesday, 20 October 2009

National Baking Week

Oh yes, that's right - there's a whole week dedicated to baking!

National Baking Week 2009 takes place from October 19th-25th (this week!).

The website certainly shares my feelings about baking -

If baking is happiness – then we think that it is time to share it around. That’s why this year we are encouraging the whole of Britain to ‘Bake and Share’! It could be baking cookies for everyone in your office, sharing the kitchen with your family or having a cake share in your neighbourhood. The most important thing is that you get out there and make people feel as good as you do about baking.

What better way to spread the happiness of baking than by sharing it with those you love?

Why not participate in National Baking Week in your own way?

* If you've never baked, give it a go! You might just surprise yourself

* If you only bake cupcakes, try something new? Ever tried cheesecake? Truffles? Marble Cake? Scones? Break out of your comfort zone!

* Organise a baking party with your friends - baking can be a great laugh, and a great opportunity to bond with your mates. Bring a bottle of wine, or create some cocktails and you have yourself a baking party!!!

* Take some cakes round to your neighbour and introduce yourself. If you have elderly neighbours why not suggest making it a fortnightly date? They'll enjoy the extra company and they can teach you a thing or two!

* Send a friend some cupcakes. Not in the same country? Find their local bakery and have some delivered with a special message!

* Propose with cake!!! This is awesome. Bakerella blows my mind! (She said yes by the way. Who wouldn't?)

* If you have children, younger brothers, sisters or cousins then introduce them to baking - not only will it get them interested in cooking, they'll always remember the first time they made chocolate crispy cakes with mum!!

Even if you simply choose to have a cake with your cuppa this week instead of a chocolate bar, you'll be doing your bit!

I plan on trying out some new recipes this week, and maybe making by first batch for celiacs!

But who needs one day to celebrate cakes? Let's celebrate them all year round!!!

What do you enjoy baking most?


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