Monday, 19 October 2009

Little Fresh and Ghoulish Goings On

Today was a bad day in Cafe Coco. A combination of new (BAD) brown sugar and a kitchen which was strangely enough too warm (it obviously hasn't seen the typhoon outside) meant I was left angry and frustrated with a batch of bad cupcakes with gloopy buttercream sliding down every conceivable surface in the kitchen. No matter how often you bake, there are always bad days. I would get in a bad mood but how can I when I have...


Little Fresh is my new baking companion. He was a complete bargain find (£2.99 holla!), is ridiculously cute and tries his best to help me when I'm baking. I say try because he's powered by two AA batteries, which make mixing a sturdy gingerbread cupcake dough quite a challenge. But who could get mad at him with his adorable little blue waistcoat? He's an acceptable alternative to the holy Kitchenaid in the mean time, and gives my James Martin mixer a rest.

(If you're wondering where the name came from, I think he looks a little bit like the chef from the signs of a well known road side restaurant, which, when I was small would call Little Fresh)

I got news of a rather exciting project today which will keep me busy for the next week. I can't reveal too much yet, but the fact that I had to go and buy a pack of Squirting Skulls should say enough for the moment! I also have to restock my Parma Violet jar for an order for a special lady who goes by the first name Coco. And no, it's not the cat...(though she is a very special lady!)


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